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Med lång erfarenhet och expertis levererar vi logistiklösningar och projektledning för optimering och effektivisering. Logistiklösningar som fungerar på riktigt.


Vår styrka är att projektleda och säkerställa att rätt lösningar implementeras i verksamheten för att göra skillnad. Från analys och visualisering till färdig implementation skapar vi resultat tillsammans med våra uppdragsgivare. Vi arbetar med logistik på alla nivåer, både för medelstora och större bolag. Våra dedikerade logistikkonsulter och partners har alla ett gemensamt mål – logistiklösningar som presterar.

Project management

Our experience and security of working with the majority of customers in diverse businesses allows us the flexibility to work with different project models where we adapt to the wishes of the customer. We also use our own documents and templates when the customer does not have their own project management process.

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Automation audit

A pilot study to identify potential warehouse automation. The automation audit includes a data analysis and process review of the customer's business and answers the question of whether it is worth investing in automation.

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Logistik & Projekt offers a custom-made analysis of the customer's logistics operations. A data analysis and process review are then carried out, which forms the basis for potential improvements and logistics concepts. Our Quick Check gives a good picture of how your logistics are doing.

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Data analysis

To ensure that solutions and future decisions are based on facts, it is of great importance that all available data and future scenarios are analyzed correctly. This is to make a correct dimensioning and choose the right logistics solution.

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3D-scanning och Virtual twin

Your business is scanned with advanced equipment. Then a point cloud is created, which works like Google Street View, in your business. With the help of the scanning, a 3D model can be created where we can model operational changes. The new modeling can then be created in 3D and visited with 3D glasses to verify the changes.

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Logistics solutions

Based on the results of data analysis and process design together with your needs and wishes, an efficient and adapted logistics concept is created. The concept is the basis for a business case and decision basis.

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Customer case

We work with clients all over Europe. Through planning and project management, we work in our customers' operations with a clear focus on results. Below we have collected some of our customer cases that describe the type of projects we have experience with and how they are completed.

Case: Trading and distribution companies

Implementation of the Warehouse and Transport Management System

The customer had decided to change its ERP system in the future. To secure the distribution process, they decided to implement a WMS and a TMS. The implementation of the WMS resulted in a paperless picking process with increased efficiency and reduced picking errors. Through automatic consolidation and freight booking in the TMS, the customer increased delivery accuracy and reduced freight costs.

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Case: Lighting industry

Relocation of assembly and storage during COVID-19

The customer needed help with moving assembly and warehousing from northern Sweden to central Europe to achieve shorter lead times to their customers and streamline operations. After developing a concrete project plan with a specified budget and clear division of responsibilities, we were able to work with the customer to implement a factory relocation and change of ERP system within 9 months. The project was carried out during [...]

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Case: Pharmaceutical company


The storage warehouse of a customer in Central Sweden needed to be renewed. The challenge was that the warehouse supplied all production lines with materials, which meant that the rebuilding had to be done so that the business was affected as little as possible. After completing the pilot study, it was decided to replace the existing layout consisting of shuttle solution in front of the cranes, with a conveyor loop and new conveyor control.

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Case: Bufab


Bufab France needed to develop its manual warehouse of 5200 m2 where all customer orders were picked from traditional pallet racking. Logistik & Projekt was commissioned to do a preliminary study on introducing Shelf-rack and Flow-rack, with picking controlled from WMS and PDAs. During the course of the mission, the solution changed to make most of all picking from […]

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