Case: Trading and distribution company

Implementation of the Warehouse and Transport Management System

The customer had decided to change its ERP system in the future. To secure the distribution process, they decided to implement a WMS and a TMS. The implementation of the WMS resulted in a paperless picking process with increased efficiency and reduced picking errors. Through automatic consolidation and freight booking in the TMS, the customer increased delivery accuracy and reduced freight costs.

Logistik & Projekt was responsible for:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Define future process based on best practice
  • Procurement documents for WMS and TMS systems
  • Contract negotiation with system suppliers
  • Project management and change management
  • Testing and ramp-up


  • Unstructured and incomplete master data
  • Leading people through disruptive change
  • Integration with an outdated ERP system


  • Increased picking capacity by about 30% after one year
  • Reduced transportation costs by about 40% in the first year
  • Personal independence in picking
  • Improved working environment - reduced stress
  • Reduced costs related to error balances

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